Bude dementia-friendly walking group

Sitting at my desk at Wharf Studio, a gentleman came in with a poster. I was thrilled to see that Bude has a dementia-friendly walking group. As many of you know, my late mother had vascular dementia for many years, and my father has Alzheimer’s, so it is a subject close to my heart. Wonderful to see, as this man put it, “people just trying to make things a little better for the old folk”.

So, a non-judgmental dementia-friendly walking group to help keep people suffering from this horrible condition fit, healthy and sociable. If you see them out and about, be friendly and pleasant. If you have dementia in the family, make contact and go along. Check out the Creative Spaces website.  Love their by-line:

Creative Spaces is using the outdoors to bring creativity, conversation and delight into the lives of people living with dementia …


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