Bude Covid update

Looking at the interactive map, we can see that Bude and Stratton’s numbers of Covid cases are and have been:

7 days to 15th November 34

7 days to 8th November 26

7 days to 1st November 14

7 days to 25th October 10

Up to 18th October, numbers were too low to be counted.

In Crackington Haven, and out towards Camelford, numbers are very low,  showing as white on the map.

Poundstock and Kilkhampton wider area sits at 9 cases to 15th November.

Holsworthy, Bradworthy and Welcombe sit at 14 to 15th November, while Hartland coast area is at 6 for the same period.

Cases have dropped to 5 in Bideford south and east.

So, there are pockets where numbers are dropping, or not high enough to feature on the map.

Bude had a rise but of 30.8%, which was lower than in the previous 7 days.

Obviously, the impact societally is greater than the figures indicate, due to self-isolating among people and their contacts.

Meanwhile, restrictions are still in force.







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