Bude Coastguard Rescue Team assist lady to hospital

From Bude Coastguard’s Facebook page:

Bude Coastguard Rescue Team were paged at 15:19 this afternoon and tasked to The Weir car park, having been requested by a Staff Community First Responder to an incident in a tricky location along the canal path.

Having a suspected broken ankle, the female casualty had been cared for by the paramedic in advance of the arrival of an ambulance. However, with several serious incidents taking place across Cornwall this afternoon, the casualty remained low on the ambulance priority list. Therefore, to avoid a deterioration in the casualty’s condition (having already been waiting for approximately 1.5 hours) the paramedic requested the Coastguard Rescue Team so that the casualty could be recovered to the ambulance if one became available in the meantime, or, if not, to a warmer position inside The Weir restaurant.

With the Rescue Team on the scene, the casualty was placed on to the stretcher, then carried by the team along the canal path and to The Weir, where she was made comfortable whilst the rescue services awaited an ETA from the ambulance service.

As information was received that an ambulance could still be some time due to ongoing incidents elsewhere, a decision was made by the Officer-in-Charge to request authority to use the Coastguard Rescue Vehicle as an alternative means of transport to get the casualty to hospital. Once authorised by the Coastal Operations Area Commander, two team members transported the casualty to the hospital, whilst the rest of the team stowed the gear and awaited their lift back to the station.

We’d like to pass on our sincere thanks to the staff at The Weir for their help in making space for the casualty inside the restaurant, and providing the casualty and the Rescue Team members with refreshments.

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