Bude Coastguard in ‘dog over cliff’ rescue

From Bude Coastguard:

Bude Coastguard Rescue Team members were paged at 12:49 yesterday, and tasked to assist Hartland Coastguard Search and Rescue Team who had been the first team scrambled following the report of a dog that had gone over the cliff in the Litter Mouth area of Morwenstow.

Arriving on the scene just before the Hartland team, contact was made with the first informant, who was part of a larger group who had been walking their dogs along the cliff path when one of the dogs had unfortunately gone over the edge. Team members from both Bude and Hartland scoured the area where the dog had fallen, from different vantage points, but nothing was spotted. Meanwhile, a Rescue Technician from the Bude team made ready to go over the cliff in case a technical rescue of the animal was required.

However, after further information was received it was deduced that two members of the walking group, who had made their way down to the tricky spot via the beach before the teams’ arrival, had possibly found the dog and were making their way back along the beach and up the cliffs via the cliff path. Unfortunately, communications could not be made to these gentlemen as there is little phone signal in the area.

Once Bude CRT members had confirmed this was the case by spotting the returning members of the group, along with the dog, further checks were made to ensure the entire walking group were safe and accounted for.

When all parties had returned to the safety of the cliff top, both Rescue Teams were stood down. The dog – as we understand it – was not seriously injured, but did require the attendance of a vet for a check over.

Coastguard Rescue Teams are tasked to incidents of dogs over cliffs to prevent their owners from attempting rescues themselves. In most cases, the dog will be ok, but some dog owners will not. Rather than attempting a rescue yourself, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

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