Bude Coastguard callout, Strangles Beach

It’s been a busy few days for Bude’s coastguard team. Info from Bude Coastguard:

Bude Coastguard Rescue Team was paged late afternoonyesterday following a request for assistance to Falmouth CGOC from Boscastle Coastguard Team,  tasked to rescue a female with suspected dislocated knee on Strangles Beach, just south of Crackington Haven.

The female, accompanied by her friend, had managed to get off the beach and a short way up the cliff path on her knees before the pain became too much to continue any further.

Once Boscastle CRT had arrived on scene, they managed to administer first aid, and package the casualty onto their alpine stretcher, then began the arduous and tricky carry. A Rescue Helicopter was ruled out due to the poor visibility caused by substantial sea mist. Soon realising that the mammoth stretcher carry of 500ft up the highest cliffs in Cornwall was going to need significant extra manpower, Bude CRT was tasked to assist.

Once the Bude team arrived, Rescue Officers proceeded quickly but carefully down the cliff path to assist their Boscastle colleagues. Then, with almost half a mile of complex and often precarious terrain ahead, including slippery rocks and steep steps, the teams worked closely together to recover the casualty to the clifftop, often using the ‘caterpillar’ stretcher carry method to negotiate the many problematic areas along the path.

At the top, the casualty was carefully placed in her friend’s car, from where she was advised to head to the nearest hospital.

Photo from Bude Coastguard Facebook page which shows the arduous and tricky stretch of the rescue.

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