Bude Coastguard callout near Boscastle

From Bude Coastguard:

Bude Coastguard Rescue Team was paged at 16:38 yesterday and tasked to RV at Rusey Cliffs near Boscastle by the Coastguard Operations Centre in Falmouth, to join Boscastle Coastguard Team and Devon & Cornwall Police in the ongoing search for a missing male.

Upon arrival, and having liaised with the Officer in Charge, two search teams were quickly organised, with one searching from Strangles to Crackington Haven, and the other searching from St Genny’s Church back to Crackington. Both teams completed their search with nothing found.

As night fell, and with the duty Senior Coastal Operations Officer now on scene, the Bude team was retasked south of the Boscastle and Police search teams, to search from the Bossiney area. In the meantime, as radio communications were poor, the Bude team also provided relay for the other teams searching along the cliff paths.

At around this time, word was received that Boscastle search team 1 had located the casualty – who had made his position known by flashing a light – in a precarious position half way down Chipman cliffs.

With a rope rescue deemed unachievable, the decision was made to scramble Rescue 924, the Coastguard Rescue helicopter.

After arriving on scene and surveying the situation, Rescue 924 performed a successful winch operation, bringing on board the casualty as well as the search team.

Bude CRT set up a Helicopter Landing Site, where Rescue 924 safely set down, and the casualty was transferred to a waiting land ambulance, which took him onward to hospital.

From our colleagues in Boscastle CRT we heard: “From our understanding the casualty only sustained minor injuries and the main concern at the time was for hypothermia.”

We wish the casualty a speedy recovery. Following a debrief, the team returned to the station and finished up at approx. 2200 hours.

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