Bude Coastguard callout

From Bude Coastguard Facebook page:

Bude Coastguard Rescue Team were paged at 19:37 on 19th March, following the report of a suspected overdose in the vicinity of First Cove (north of Wrangle Pont).

Arriving on scene, three search teams were deployed to locate the casualty, with the first searching First Cove, the second searching from Crooklets to First Cove along the beach, and the third search team searching the Crooklets/cricket pitch seafront area.

No casualty was located.

Ambulance control eventually made contact with the casualty, who was reported to be at a friend’s house and he informed them that he did not require any medical assistance.

Better to be safe than sorry. Thanks to Bude Coastguard for all they do to keep us safe.


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