Bude coastguard call out to early morning walkers

From Bude Coastguard Facebook page:
Bude Coastguard Rescue Team members were paged at 01:32 this morning (the second shout of the night) and were tasked by Falmouth Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre to assist a male with a suspected broken ankle, on the cliff path between Upton and Widemouth.
Having been given a grid reference and a ‘What3Words’ location (carefully.magnets.cheerful), the team had a clear idea of where to begin the search.
Arriving on scene, two Rescue Officers formed a hasty search team, and, despite poor weather conditions and heavy rain, quickly located the casualty and his partner some way along the coast path. Both had been there for some time, and both were cold and wet and increasingly at risk of hypothermia if quick actions weren’t taken. While one Rescue Officer performed an initial medical assessment of the casualty, the second Rescue Officer scouted out the path a short way ahead to see if there was a closer access point from which additional personnel could attend the incident. Further Rescue Officers then arrived on scene with the alpine stretcher and plenty of blankets with which to keep the casualty and his partner warm until removed to a place of safety.

Having carefully packaged the male onto the stretcher, the team then proceeded to carry the casualty up the steep coast path and to the closest egress point which led to the road and the Coastguard Rescue Vehicle.
With a report from Ambulance Control that the next available ambulance would be up to two hours before it could attend, and with Stratton MIU closed, authorisation was sought from the Duty Senior Coastal Operations Officer for the team to transport the casualty and his partner to their accommodation at nearby Widemouth Manor, where they could remain warm and dry until an ambulance became available.
With authority received, the team carefully placed the casualty into the front seat of the vehicle while his partner sat in the rear, and both were returned to their accommodation, at which they were given a final medical assessment by team members and left with instructions to dial 999 and seek immediate help if either of their conditions’ deteriorated further.

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