Bude Coastal Community Team – helping to make good things happen

Exciting times ahead for Bude as our Coastal Community Team (BCCT) is now actively working on supporting businesses and culture in the town to focus community activity.

Previously involved in huge amounts of behind the scenes work, the team, in an ethos of community and collaboration, is working in partnership with the local councils, businesses, and the community in more obvious ways where people can really see the benefits.


The Coastal Communities Fund (CCF) set up by the government encourages sustainable economic development in towns like Bude, unlocking barriers by providing funding to help them create sustainable economic growth and jobs. The Government says:


The UK coastline plays a vital role in the economy, history and culture of our country. The government is helping coastal communities flourish and strengthen their appeal as places to live, work and visit.


Lead Contact for Bude, John Gimson, explains that the Team is not run by any council, but operates in collaboration with local authorities, business and community organisations to make great things happen for Bude.

Ian Saltern and Tim Bagshaw

To kick-start the process, two respected part-time consultants have been appointed to help businesses and community groups deliver projects.


One is Community Projects Manager, Ian Saltern, previously of Bude Cleaner Seas Project, cultural consultant with extensive experience across a range of sectors including heritage, charity and government; the other is Development Manager, Tim Bagshaw, previously with  the Local Enterprise Partnership for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Between them they have masses of experience in helping to make good things happen sustainably.

Ian Saltern

Ian explains the organisation is not political in any way; it is there not to represent but to assist. So, if someone in Bude has an idea they would like to develop to benefit the community, then they can talk to Ian to see if the idea might work, and if so what funding, help and advice are available to move it forward.


Tim explains that assistance will also be offered to businesses of all sizes and he would be very pleased to talk on a wide range of issues. He is particularly looking for distinctive ways to talk about Bude, supporting the work of other groups, and developing business and investment. So, thinking caps on. How can Bude be made even better?

Tim Bagshaw

Cycle path development and improvements to the skate park are two projects where work is already underway to create sustainable development for people in Bude, especially benefiting our young people. More exciting projects are ahead so watch this space as BCCT is also now sponsoring Bude & Beyond as a community resource, so we will keep you updated and informed.


BCCT is very interested to hear from anyone in need of project support for their initiative to improve Bude.  Meanwhile, they are also really keen to hear from anyone who agrees with their aims and ethos, who might gift their time to help develop BCCT’s social media or to assist with admin.


The team is very approachable and rely on community engagement. so get in touch!

To be involved or to volunteer your services, contact John Gimson by emailing contact@budecoastalteam.org.uk

To contact Ian about a community project idea email  community@budecoastalteam.org.uk

To reach Tim about a business development idea email development@budecoastalteam.org.uk

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