Bude Businesses Benefit from Apprenticeship Opportunities

Jamie Stevenson (Elements), Dan Rogerson MP and Angie Webber (Petroc)  at the Bude Business Community Networking event.

Jamie Stevenson (Elements), Dan Rogerson MP and Angie Webber (Petroc)
at the Bude Business Community Networking event.

It’s great news that, in Bude, around eight hospitality businesses have benefited from training available through the Skills Support for the Workforce (SSW) project, with  many  opting to combine the training with creating apprenticeship opportunities.

The businesses initially heard about this project through the monthly Bude Business Community networking events, organised by Debbie Cousins, where guest speakers are invited to come to the meetings to disseminate information that is of benefit to SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) in the area.

Skills Support for the workforce is a £13 million ESF (European Social Fund) Convergence investment co financed by the Skills Funding Agency and led by Cornwall College. It is aimed at tailored training for people in the workplace. Elements Hotel and the Falcon Hotel in Bude are just two businesses to have benefited from the scheme.


Jamie and Emma Stevenson from Elements, a boutique hotel and restaurant, hosted the February event with over 40 local businesses.

Jamie said: “We’re delighted to offer our staff development opportunities, which ultimately benefit our customers and strengthens our team.”


The Falcon Hotel is another employer who is using the SSW project to offer more young people opportunities.

Amanda, from the hotel,  said: “The Falcon Hotel is delighted to participate in the SSW project and support the apprentice scheme, helping our local young people to succeed. We embrace the SSW opportunity by giving local youngsters a chance to develop their career skills.”


Angie Webber from Petroc is working in partnership with Cornwall College as the partner delivering the Bude part of the SSW project.  Angie will work with businesses to identify their specific needs and support the enhancement of skills, raise the aspiration levels to advance career prospects and provide bespoke training solutions, funded through the project.


Mark Yeoman, Head of ESF Convergence Communication, said:  “The skills and talents of people are the bedrocks of business success. Training and apprenticeships are key mechanisms in helping people develop their careers through new knowledge and skills and thereby boost business performance. It is great news that businesses in Bude are taking advantage of both the ESF investment in Skills Support for the Workforce and creating apprenticeships.”


Mark Williams, Director of Projects at Cornwall College said: “The Skills Support for the Workforce Project targets young people in SMEs within priority sectors such as tourism and hospitality,  helping them progress into apprenticeships and develop their skills further These success stories in the Bude area are echoed throughout Cornwall and The Isles of Scilly, demonstrating how ESF support can help young employees progress in their chosen career and at the same time help businesses compete more effectively in the hospitality market.”

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