Bude & Beyond’s position on Covid-19

I’ve had a few (justifiable) complaints about so-called ‘conspiracy’ theorists spamming posts on the Bude & Beyond Facebook page. This resulted in my closing it down briefly this morning as I was out getting fresh air at the time, and had neither time nor inclination to deal with it.

So, to clarify, here at Bude & Beyond:

  1. We believe Covid-19 exists.
  2. We believe it is causing severe illness (and death) in many cases (though not all).
  3. We believe the vaccinations are a good thing.
  4. We believe that if people are especially concerned about their digital footprint, then it is time to get off Facebook, Google, etc.
  5. We do not believe there is a global attempt to suppress ordinary people (any more than normal) not least because we cannot imagine such high levels of inter-governmental/big business co-operation.
  6. We do not like ‘lockdowns’ any more than anyone else. Ditto, mask wearing and social distancing. But for now that’s all we have.
  7. We do not always agree with the government because part of the democratic process is a free media which can be critical.

Here’s an article by Scientific American.

Please do your own research, and read whatever you like, live your life the way you want without damaging others, but don’t spam our social media because it just creates more unpaid and unrewarding work to deal with, and spreads misinformation. Anyone caught spamming will now be blocked from the page.

For everyone else, your constructive comments are welcome.

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