Bude & Beyond one of first ten members of ICNN

Bude & Beyond is thrilled to be one of the first 10 members of the ICNN  (Independent community News Network). This is a body set up at the University of Cardiff to represent hyperlocal news publications as a group. It probably won’t mean much to readers but to the small B & B it is recognition of what we do by an official body which lauds, applauds and advocates hyperlocal and community news (basically, what we do).

ICNN is concerned exclusively with representing community and hyperlocal publications. They advocate and lobby on behalf of independent news publishers across the UK and fight for better opportunities for all.
Their long term goals are to secure recognition and accreditation for community publishers. To this end, they are currently working with the National Union of Journalists to find a solution that will enable community publishers to carry press cards (currently we don’t but other local newspapers do). As online readership grows and print declines, the NUJ needs to find a solution to this. When I wrote for Bude People we had press cards because we were large of a much larger news organisation. Hyperlocals are not about large organisations, they are about the local community, but there is still a struggle to be fully accepted as press. Even in Bude, many people will send news to the Bude & Stratton, for example, and not consider sending it to this website, so there’s still quite a way for us to go.
Meanwhile, ICNN is developing strategies to tackle issues such as statutory public notices and sustainability; working with third party organisations to address financial constraints and deliver solutions to help publishers deliver quality news provisions to their communities. It is also working with legal professionals and trainers to ensure that publishers have access to free and impartial media law guidance.
Exciting times!

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