Bude & Beyond is YOURS!

Perhaps people can help me get this message across because I keep repeating it and nothing happens – Bude & Beyond is YOURS!

The website and social media into which Rob, Dean and I have put an immense amount of work, rightly attract huge numbers of readers, which is wonderful, and a mark of the success of that effort.

Bude & Beyond is an incredible way to (FOR FREE, to you):

  • Promote a community event
  • Spread passion for your cause
  • Promote business special offers
  • Tell others your news

However, and herein lies the rub…as pretty much sole writer/content editor of the site, if I spent all the time people ask me to, simply adding their info to Bude & Beyond, I would now be starving!

People ask: will you share our event (of course) or how do I get a shout out from you? (Secret – it’s simple, send the info in via the submit button!)

Bude is our community but your event is yours, your cause is yours, your business is yours, your news is yours to share. It will always be checked and edited, before publication, so if spelling or grammar is a problem, never fear, for it will be sorted.

We have a very simple button created by Dean and Rob, called Submit Your News (website top right) where you can send words and pics (which need to be JPEG or PNG). Alternatively, press releases can be sent to Dawn at budeandbeyond@gmail.com but action will not always be instant so if there is urgency, then DIY is much better!

Really, really, really happy to share your stuff and disseminate info, but YOU have to submit it, just as you might write a Facebook post.  Otherwise, as my late mother once said, no can do.



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