Bude author writes about ‘life at the pond’ during cancer treatment

While undergoing chemotherapy after his colon cancer operation in early 2020, Henry Slator, a retired Cornwall farmer from Bude and something of a writer,  knew he was missing his usual light hearted outlook on life. But what to do if you’re missing a little bit of humour?

He found it by imagining conversations with creatures in and around his large garden pond and adding buckets of fun.

He created the entertaining Conversations at the Pond with its mass of colourful illustrations, which he published via Cherish editions.

His PR says: By taking you along his journey and through these enjoyable stories he hopes to inspire delight and cheer you up too. The book is perfect for anyone who might need a little laugh to get through tough times or simply to boost their spirit and take a different, more humorous approach to life.

Writing can be therapeutic, as Henry has demonstrated. If you want to revisit your inner child, this is worth a try.



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