Bude animal-free Covid-research fundraiser for Exeter Uni

Angie Burke of Animal Free Bude has set up a Just Giving page to support animal-free Covid research (a test to check how much active virus is present/ level of infectiousness). Can you help raise the remaining £879.14 needed to hit the £30k target?

Can you arrange a coffee morning? Think of a challenge that your friends can support you with?

On the page, Angie says:

The Bude support group for Animal Free Research UK formed at the end of 2015 and to date have helped fund animal free research into brain tumours, heart disease, leukaemia, breast cancer, diabetes and now the very important Covid-19 research taking place in ARC 2.0 at The University of Exeter Medical School.

Each year we set ourselves a fundraising target and a new challenge to support the vital work of Animal Free Research UK. This year our main challenge – a non-stop run from Bude to the research department at The University of Exeter – was cancelled due to lockdown. 

We need £879.14 to hit our target of £30,000 by the end of 2020. In an ordinary year we would smash this total through sponsorship for our annual challenge, plus stalls, tombola, raffles and a float at Bude and Bradworthy Carnival (last year we won first prize in our category at both carnivals). This year, with all events cancelled, it is a struggle to see how we will meet our target.

Can you help us? Every donation, however small is so appreciated and helps support innovative animal free Covid-19 research right here on our doorstep.

Help us to support Animal Free Research UK and be part of creating a future where animals are no longer used in medical research, where scientists focus on new techniques which are human relevant, giving better outcomes for everyone, people and animals alike. With your amazing support, the charity can advance human health and end the use of animals in medical research, forever.

Meanwhile, founder member of the Bude group, Steph Jones-Giles, says:

Sadly this year without Bude Animal Friends Awareness Day, Bude Carnival, car boot and the heaps of other events we take part in…we face a real challenge. We need £879.14 to hit our £30,000 target. In a usual year we would feel confident we can do that but this year the pressure really is on. Can anyone help us?

Please remember I am collecting inkjet cartridges, used stamps, costume jewellery, foreign coins, cameras, mobile phones etc so when you have a sort out please remember us. Also if you can start a penny jar for us that really helps too. Could you arrange a coffee morning (socially distanced) for your friends perhaps?

We would not even be at this stage without the combined efforts of Team Nos Nom (and Curt) raising a whooping £1600, so if we can all get our heads together I would really appreciate it. 

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