Broadband speed claims might get clearer

I’m fortunate to have high speed broadband in Stratton. I know many people that don’t have it. I also know many people that have made decisions about properties to rent or buy based on claimed availability and speed of broadband, and discovered later that it has fallen short of the claims.

Some of this will hopefully get bet with a new regulation being introduced on 23rd May. It’s covered in some detail in this article on BBC news. The main point is this:

From 23 May, broadband providers will no longer be able to advertise “up to” speeds unless that speed is received by 50% of their customers at peak times.

This will hopefully help give more clarity on the real speeds available. Lets see if it makes a difference and helps people. Lets also hope that the authorities eventually restrict the user of ‘fibre’ as that is also misleading!

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