Brilliant service at Crooklets Inn

With a visitor in tow wanting to watch the Arsenal match on TV today after a dog walk, we headed off to Crooklets Inn. I have to say, the service was excellent.

First, the volume of one the three screens was turned up for us in the comfy corner seating area.

Drinks were duly served.

Then, as Crooklets is currently not offering food, we were able to get a takeaway from Rosie’s Cafe and take it with us back to Crooklets Inn to continue watching the match. As Arsenal lost, the relative wasn’t in the best of moods, but we stayed to watch City win (another non-desired outcome for us) and were kindly given plates, cutlery and serviettes to eat our meal from. This was then cleared away before we had a chance to return the ’empties’ to the bar.

We had a few drinks between us, and crisps, but were not massive spenders; nonetheless, the service was amazing. Couldn’t fault it at all. Helpful beyond duty and with a smile. Very pleased to give them a shout out.

Thanks, Crooklets. I shall be back for more football and beer!

PS: for those who don’t like sport, the conservatory area is a very pleasant space to sit and socialise.


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