Brief Covid update

A lot of people seem to be reading the updates we are providing on Covid-19 in Bude-Stratton and surrounding areas, so we will try to do a quick daily update from the interactive map.

These figures are for 7 days ending 16th November as the stats lag behind.

Good news is that there has been a drop since 15th Nov-16th Nov with the total number of cases at 33 in the 7 days to 16th November. We had 34 on 15th November.  This is 3 new cases (remember, some older cases will drop off the map over time) a rise of 10%. The ‘rolling rate’ is 309.4.

(Seven–day rolling rates are expressed per 100,000 population and are calculated by dividing the seven day count by the area population and multiplying by 100,000).

On the map, white areas are suppressed rates. This means rates are suppressed where there have been fewer than 3 cases in a seven-day period, and is to protect the privacy of individuals and prevent disclosure. Most of these currently lie in parts of south and west Cornwall and out to South Molton in the north of Devon.

Currently, Bude is still in the dark blue MSOA (middle layer super output) rate which leaves our numbers, while low, with an above average case rate compared to the England average.

In other areas, we find:

  • Numbers have dropped in Crackington & Tintagel wider area with 3 cases in total
  • Poundstock and Kilkhampton wider areas see a rise to 12 cases
  • Holsworthy, Bradworthy and Welcombe sits at 14, a rise
  • Hartland Coast has 5 cases, a rise
  • Bideford south and east down to 4 cases
  • Launceston has seen a drop to 4 cases
  • Camelford and Tresmeer sits at 3 cases, a drop

Hopefully, the current restrictions are helping numbers to slow. We will keep you informed.

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