Bragging about… World Clean-Up Day

By Binzy Reynolds:

Last Saturday was ‘World Clean-up Day.’ The idea of ‘World Clean-up Day’ is for everyone to spend just ten minutes cleaning up litter in their local area, be it a beach clean, collecting litter while walking dogs or collecting litter in the street where they live. Ten minutes is not a great deal of time, so if lots of people make the effort, it should work.

We are lucky in Bude to have so many people willing to help clear up the mess left by those who don’t seem to care. I happen to be involved with BRAG, the Bude Rubbish Action Group. Paul ‘Bicky’ Crum founded the group in April and in six short months has moulded the group into a litter picking machine of outstanding quality. We started with organised litter picks, where everyone available on a certain date would converge simultaneously to collect litter in that particular area. Organised litter picks are also a good social occasion, a chance to catch up with old friends and also to make new ones.

For various reasons, it was decided instead of everyone doing a huge pick, it may be more effective if those available cleaned for just ten minutes in their local street. No pressure to be at a certain place by a certain time and everyone could clean at their own speed.
It would seem the plan worked! Many areas in Bude and Stratton benefited from a ten-minute clean with many people doing considerably more than ten minutes. A conservative estimate is fifteen full bags of rubbish collected, along with a whole bucket of cigarette ends, (which can be recycled), but I suspect there was a lot more.

Thanks to Laila Parker-Crum for the photo collage and a massive ‘thank you’ to everyone who took part. Proper job!

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