#Boscastle & #Crackington Gig Club Celebrates Successes

IMG_0534 IMG_0470Boscastle and Crackington Pilot Gig Club were out in force this weekend for the Torridge Regatta, held by Torridge Pilot Gig Club, at Appledore, with Ladies A, B, C Mens C, Mens, Ladies Vets and a mixed team racing.
The squad have been training hard and are seeing some great results this year.   The day saw some excellent racing and some wonderful results for Boscastle and Crackington, most notably In the Ladies B race which Ladies B won, with Ladies C finishing mid-pack.
All of the crews will be at Clovelly on the 1st August for the Clovelly Regatta, and on our home turf on the 8th August for our own 10th Anniversary Regatta.
Photo: by Avril Sainsbury
Ladies B at the front of the pack in Torrent, on the last straight racing for the finish line and Ladies B celebrating their win.

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