Book Signing, Talk and Mini Workshop at Wise Old Crow

By Helen Shingler:

Last month I attended an interesting Talk and Mini-Workshop at the Wise Old Crow.  Susanna Dark is the owner of this shop and has also written a book, recently published, entitled ‘Tarot Life Saver’.  There were 12 of us at the event on what was a very warm day.  I have been interested in Tarot for many years and often had readings given by others but was keen to learn about the possibility of using the cards for myself (I have 3 packs in the cupboard unused!)  Susanna’s book encourages and instructs on understanding the tarot cards intuitively rather than by the little instruction manual which comes with any pack you buy.

Susanna started by giving an introduction and explanation of some of the Major Arcana cards.  We then took part in an exercise to use our own intuition after each being given a different card.  The card I picked from the pack was ‘Strength’ and for those who know there are many different variations in packs.  We were asked to hold the card and to visualise a scene in our minds and to then interpret what we saw.  We then revealed to the others what we thought our individual cards were ‘telling us’.  After an enjoyable and informative couple of hours, I left with a signed copy of Susanna Dark’s book, looking forward to reading it in the future and finally making use of those tarot cards languishing in the cupboard.

If anyone is interested in having a tarot reading please contact Susanna at her shop in The Strand Shopping Centre in town or via Facebook.  I have had a reading with Susanna in the past and can recommend her. The shop is also very interesting and has a wide range of tarot cards and other items to purchase.

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