Book launch in Boscastle

Congratulations to Lally A Turner for publishing her first book, in her Kids of Kernow series.

There will be a book launch in Boscastle for the book aimed at children.  The author says:

My passion is to empower children to be happy, carefree, and confident enough to do, be and realise all that they wish for themselves.

I invite all children (and parents) to follow the enchanted Kids of Kernow on their magical journeys throughout North Cornwall.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques and self-help tips are hidden within every book disguised as Kernow magic.

My dearly held wish is for every child to discover and be comforted and amazed at what they can achieve and overcome by thinking magical thoughts in their very own incredible minds!

In her blog, the author says:

The Cornish Stores in Boscastle have invited us all to use their forecourt on

Tuesday August 10th 10am-4pm.

By all, I refer to myself, my wonderful illustrator Andy Templar and Wendy from the Ravenswell charity I am supporting, plus Branwen, the Raven!

If you remember, Branwen is the inspiration behind Mossy’s faithful raven, Kismet, in my story!

So, all that remains is for me to say- I hope to see you there!

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