Bodmin’s ‘Stop the Coup’ rally

By Jane Holland:

A ‘Stop the Coup’ rally was held in Bodmin on Saturday 31st August, protesting against Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament in advance of the UK leaving the EU. The rally was organised by Bodmin Labour Party, but other parties were invited to join the protest, including the Greens, Lib Dems and Cornwall’s own Mebyon Kernow.

Joy Bassett, Secretary of the Cornwall Labour Party, addressed the large crowd through a megaphone, suggesting at one stage that Boris Johnson’s actions seemed like those of a dictator – which brought a great cheer. Danny Chambers, the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Liberal Democrats, then led the crowd in chanting ‘Defend Our Democracy!’

The 300-strong crowd of protesters, headed by a Cornish piper and waving Labour, Lib Dem, St Piran and pro-Europe flags, blocked traffic for a short spell as they marched around Mount Folly and up Fore Street. They stopped at the An Gof stone, a memorial to Michael An Gof, one of the leaders of the Cornish Rebellion in 1497, where Paul Bassett, a lawyer in robes, read aloud the ‘Bodmin Declaration of Grievances’ to a lively, cheering crowd.

Members of Bude Labour Branch then carried the Declaration to the surgery office of local Conservative MP Scott Mann, and attached it formally to his door, as a local representative of the Government, before the crowd finally dispersed.

Labour Party organisers afterwards dubbed the event ‘a great success,’ adding: ‘this will have sent a clear message to Boris Johnson to respect democracy.’

Similar ‘Stop the Coup’ rallies took place all around the UK at the weekend, and even in parts of Europe, with hundreds of thousands protesting the PM’s prorogation of Parliament this autumn.

Sally Sweeney of Lostwithiel, and her two grand-daughters Nancy and Eula.

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