Boat in trouble off Bude in joint rescue

A boat was in trouble in the sea off Bude this morning. The volunteer lifeboat crew responded to a page at 8.11 am from Falmouth Coastguard for immediate launch of the lifeboat. Bude Coastguard Rescue Team was paged at 8:14am.

Bude’s inshore lifeboat George Bird was launched at 8.16 am with three crew on board: Helm, Liam Sharpe and crew members Chris Wilson and Charlie Green. The Rescue Water Craft, crewed by Dave James and Brown Cardoo, was also launched to provide back-up for the inshore lifeboat. The crew were responding to reports of a small leisure fishing vessel in difficulty close to Summerleaze beach, just off cross rock.


Within two minutes they reached the vessel that was in difficulty to the right of cross rock, close to middle beach and in the surf line. The crew manoeuvred the lifeboat alongside the vessel which had broken down and, although the anchor had been dropped, the vessel was dragging and getting close to the rocks. The lifeboat circled the vessel and Liam Sharpe, Helm, manoeuvred in the surf, alongside the fishing vessel to take the first casualty aboard the lifeboat. The lifeboat circled the fishing vessel a couple of times before being able to rescue the second casualty, before making its way back to Summerleaze Beach.  Both casualties were uninjured and both were wearing lifejackets and had followed all the correct safety procedures.

The gentlemen were deposited on the beach and into the care of the Coastguard. Meanwhile, Bude Lifeboat returned to the boat, but decided against an attempt to retrieve it due to the potential for injury. Under the watch of the Coastguard Team, the boat was allowed to then drift toward the shore of Middle Beach, where it came to rest at the high tide mark. A good outcome to an incident that could have been far more serious. The boat has since been retrieved. 

This was a special shout for volunteer Lifeboat Operations Manager (LOM) and Crew Member, Chris Wilson, who said: ‘Although I remain as Lifeboat Operations Manager at Bude, this was my final shout as a crew member, having reached the mandatory retirement age of 55 for crew on an inshore lifeboat. I’ve been a volunteer crew member at Bude since 1993. I’m glad that my last shout resulted in the safe rescue of two people who, through no fault of their own, had landed in difficulty. I was pleased to see that both casualties had followed the safety advice and were wearing appropriate lifejackets and had contacted the coastguard when they realised they were in difficulty.’


Well done to all involved in a smooth rescue.

The image shows crew members Chris Wilson, Liam Sharpe and Charlie Green.

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