Blackadder Goes Forth is a huge success!

By Helen Shingler:


Last night I spent a very enjoyable few hours at the delightful little theatre in Bodmin Street, Holsworthy, watching the latest performance by the Holsworthy Amateur Theatrical Society (HATS).  Their current production is ‘Blackadder Goes Forth’ but in my opinion it rates more highly than that position (pun intended!) Special permission to perform this play had to be given by the writers, Richard Curtis and Ben Elton, and in the place of royalties, HATS were asked to donate to Comic Relief, which they are doing.  It is also their way of marking the 100th year since the end of the First World War.  ‘Blackadder” as a play portrays the horrors of that war in a digestible format; you are laughing at the humour but also aware of the tragic element and this delivers a poignant message.

I thought all the cast played their parts really well and were obviously very well rehearsed, this being only the second performance!  The actors playing Blackadder (Stuart Davey), Baldrick (Jack Lovegrove), George (Alan Eyles) and Melchett (Grant Fulcher) excelled in their delivery, timing and characterisations of the characters!  The stage setting and costumes were also worthy of mention.

Blackadder Goes Forth continues it’s run next week with performances on Thursday 20th, Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd September Doors Open 7.00 Performances Start at 7.30 and tickets are available from the Box Office at HATS Theatre 10am-3pm Monday to Saturday or you can phone 01409 253826.  Tickets are just £9 (£7 Concessions)

I would also mention that the little theatre is in itself a trip down memory lane and well worth a visit!  Well done HATS for a sterling job!

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