Black swans in Bude

In a tale reminiscent of Swan Lake, a couple of black swans have arrived at Bude. All swans are white until you meet a black one.

Had a read of an article on this website and was surprised that their white eyes become red during the breeding season, so this must be the time, and maybe why they are in Bude, for mating purposes.

The BBC tells us that Black swans are common in the wetlands of southwestern and eastern Australia and adjacent coastal islands. A study of bird populations in the British Isles in 2012 found there were just 37 confirmed nesting pairs of black swans in the country.

Black swans are vegetarians, using their metre long necks to reach down and eat algae and underwater weeds.

On the ground, a group of black swans is called a bank. When flying in a group, they are called a wedge. Who knew?

So, seeing them here in Bude is a rare old treat!


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