bude2055BigUpBude Talent is an event that was the brainwave of a group of local businesses and job seekers who came together in April to work on a brief to BigUpBude.  At the event, there were four groups who presented to a team of judges comprising of the Bude Chamber of Commerce, DWP and Crowdfunders .  The judges chose BigupBude Talent as the winner and £100 was given to Crowdfunders to be held as the first of many more donations of funding to be raised for this event.

Lynn Colwill from Bude JCP thought of the idea originally for local businesses and job seekers to have the opportunity to meet and work alongside each other for the benefit of the community.  Lynn said “This was a fantastic day where potential employers had a chance to work with job seekers.  The local businesses were impressed with some of the job seekers and have referred people for job opportunities.

BigUpBude Talent will be early Spring 2014 and will raise funds for the Bude Sea Pool, please look at budeseapool.org to learn more about Bude’s historic tidal swimming pool.  The event is being funded through Crowdfunder  – a national organisation, where community groups can create a project and request funding within a specified time.

Fay Hargreaves from Friends of Bude Sea Pool said “We are delighted that another local community group are helping us by providing an event to raise awareness & funds for the Sea Pool, and have some fun too.”

The BigUpBude Talent project  is live on the Crowdfunder website  http://crowdfunder.co.uk/bigupbude-talent/.  Crowdfunder works on the basis that people pledge money to support the project and for each donation there should be a “reward” – some of the rewards for BigUpBude Talent include VIP tickets to the final as well as access to the prestigious green room!

On the downside, if the target is not reached then no money is given.  So any pledges have to be in by Thurs 18 Jul 11.33am!!

We believe that BigUpBude Talent will appeal to all ages and gain support and excitement of knowing someone who is taking part.  BigupBude Talent is being organised by job seekers, local businesses and community members, for the enjoyment and fun for all, as well as to bring the community together by a common interest and also to raise money for Bude Sea Pool.

Thank you for supporting us!

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