#BigUpBude Talent – now also with performances from Jim Keir and Jonathan Stamp

976582_134589783408764_285753471_oIt’s finally here….the chance to buy your #BigUpBude Talent tickets.

Tickets have just been released for the #bigupbude talent show (being sold through Seventh Wave Gallery). The show has been put together by volunteers, with a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes since 2013, to bring a fun, family show to Bude.

There are a stunning 12-15 spectacular acts ready to put on a fantastic show. Held as a real community event at Budehaven School, please give your support. It’s going to look/be fantastic!

The majority of acts are singers (some with guitar, piano, acoustic, choir, soloists, groups etc), a couple of dance acts (both completely different types) and instrumental acts.  Each act has been selected for the Final Show as they are completely different and brings something special to the show.

Martin Holehouse is the MC and a professional wrestling announcer from Holsworthy (Steve Lay) is going to be doing an X Factor style voiceover! 

In addition there are 2 professional artists who are going to perform whilst the votes are being counted… they are Jim Keir (a judge and also from BBC live and unsigned) and Jonathan Stamp (a seriously impressive comedy juggler who travels the world with his act)…


Refreshments are from the Sea Pool; the concert is a Sea Pool fund-raiser.


All funds are for Save Bude Sea Pool, tickets are £5 per adult and £3 per child (U16) if brought in advance (£7 and £4 if brought on the door)




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