Big rise in Covid cases in Torridge

In the 7 days to 10th November, case rates in Torridge where numbers have been previously relatively low for Covid-19, rose 69.5% to 439, a case rate of 638.80 per 100,000.

People who tested positive in Torridge on data from 15th November numbered 586.

In Bude and Stratton, cases have dropped to 33, a case rate of 311.4 per 100,000. Cases in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly have dropped to 2013 in the 7 days to 10th November. In Devon, the figure was 4092 (a case rate of 504.7).

The R value estimated range is currently 0.7 to 1 in the SW. Hospitalisations and deaths remain relatively low.

A BBC report says:

Heather Brazier, director of operations at the Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust (NDHT), acknowledged that cases “remain high in northern Devon and Torridge”.

She said she was encouraging people to get vaccinated or get a vaccination booster “to help minimise the impact on our services and the local community”.

She said: “Like many health and social care organisations, our staffing is impacted by Covid-related illness and isolation, and we are working hard to manage that on an ongoing basis.”

She said services were very busy and urged people to call 111 and avoid calling 999 if they did not need urgent care.

She also thanked staff for “their efforts to ensure we continue to deliver safe and compassionate patient care”, but also warned that people should not ignore symptoms of Covid-19, “even minor ones, in yourself or in your household”.




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