Bespoke taxi link to aid Bude branch of charity

Trev’s Taxi now has cards in his cab with a QR code to take you to the Animal Free Research page, where you can find out more but also donate to the charity.

If you are keen on keeping your support local to the SW, it is a bespoke donation page for Trev’s Taxi to ensure any of his customer donations go to Bude group’s total to support the Prof Lorna Harries’ team at the University of Exeter Medical School which has been involved in genomic research into the debilitating diseases of ageing plus Covid-19 research – none of which has used animals.

Animal Free Research UK has a 50-year history of uniting animal-loving communities and scientists to pioneer human relevant research and end the suffering of millions of animals in laboratories.
So, if you are keen on medical research but not happy about animal experimentation and suffering in laboratories, then consider donating this way.


Nothing if not innovative and community-spirited, Trev also uses the charity’s tee-shirts as seat covers in his taxi, which look beautifully bright while passing on a very important message.

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