Bemused of Bude – Trev and George in the ‘Trip Advisor’ tunnel

An interesting local report shows a photo of Bude’s favourite taxi driver’s dog, George, sitting in the tunnel from the car park to Sainsbury’s, a structure meant to protect people from the elements (it does, too).

Hard to believe the tunnel has even featured on Trip Advisor (has the ‘Cormac’ roundabout appeared there yet?) but apparently it is a must-see tourist attraction in Bude, with Trip Advisor giving it a 4.5 rating. I’m not sure what the view is, having walked the tunnel a fair few hundred times, but maybe someone can enlighten me.

I quote: The tunnel has been deemed ‘ethereal’, ‘magical’ and ‘spiritual’… anyway, a brilliant send-up!

Trev meanwhile is bemused that his photo has not been appropriately credited (Trev originally posted it on his BigUpBude Facebook page) which is leaving George looking just a little crestfallen and forlorn, so now Gorgeous George can have his 5 minutes of fame here on Bude & Beyond instead!


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