Bellini’s deli cafe – our latest sponsor

A warm welcome to Cafe Bellini’s on Queen Street, a popular lunchtime haunt of mine, which has joined the esteemed ranks of Bude & Beyond sponsor, helping to bring this website to you.

I don’t often look at the menu as I usually mutter something and Adam manages to come up with a meal I like. Take yesterday, I decided I’d not had a pizza for a while and my favourite is the Toscana. However, Adam suggested a bit of goat cheese in the topping and it has to be said, it was even more delicious. Do I like bespoke food? I sure do. Also, if my mind is elsewhere, I like someone else making decisions on my behalf. The mushrooms on toast are gorgeous, too!

Bellini’s hot chocolate – my current favourite

This is a wonderful service. Open only during the day time, it is the kind of place you can drop in and feel immediately warmly welcomed. I’ve sat and chatted to friends (or strangers) in the tiny cafe, or sat working on my iPad. Anything goes. There are a good number of regulars, and others drop in for amazing ice creams and sorbets, including special doggy ones.

In addition, Bellini’s, family-run by the lovely Adam and Anna, now stock deli foods and Guzzini Italian crockery (a fact soon hit upon by my London-based relatives). From duck rillette to delicious olives, Cornish pilchards, seaweed flakes or lovely Cornish mushrooms, they also stock teas, coffees, fudge, chocolate and all sorts of other lush Cornish goodies, which are used in the cooking process, too.  Everything is made to order, and some local businesses have daily lunch deliveries. Prices are reasonable, too, and with reasonably-priced town centre parking now by the golf club, it is easier than ever. What not to like?

Worth popping in, or sitting outside people-watching on a sunny day (you’d be surprised who passes you in Queen Street.) Take time to chill, and enjoy eat food and drink, simply tasty.



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