Being the new head at Budehaven …

It’s always difficult starting a new job. Budehaven’s new headteacher, Dom Wilkes, who replaced Tracey Reynolds in September, moved from a school in the north-west of England, so Bude will be quite a change for him. Hopefully, a good one!

We asked Mr Wilkes to give his first impressions of life at Budehaven. Here is his response:


It seems a long time since I started my new Headship on the 1st September this year, after arriving in Cornwall with my caravan at the end of August. Welcoming the new Year 7 and Year 12 students on their very first day here at Budehaven was a great privilege for me, and then meeting the rest of the students the day after further reinforced the fact that I have made the right decision!

Budehaven Community School is different; it has an energy that you feel, the second you walk through the front door, and the more time you spend in the school, the more facets to the school you find exist. From the incredibly gifted musicians, to the incredibly talented sports stars, the high-flying scientists and mathematicians to our very own youth MP, it is clear to see that we have a vibrant school community, at the heart of Bude, and so essential for the town’s success in the future. It was amazing to see our Year 10 and 11 students performing at the Budelicious Food Festival in September and to see their outstanding artwork displayed across the county at events such as the Reflect Bude Festival in October.


Since starting at the school, I have met hundreds of fantastic young people, who are bursting with potential. A key part of my job is to lead the school in a direction that will allow them all to access their desired career paths in their futures, and that we provide all we can in school to support them. Crucial to their success is the three-way partnership between parents, the school and of course the child. One of my first priorities so far this term has been to strengthen links between school and home so that we can tackle any potential issues before they arise.


Our school has a fantastic family of dedicated staff, all of whom put the students at the centre of all they do. I would welcome visits from any prospective students and their parents, especially those in Years 5 and 6 who wish to come to the school; come and see what we do really well! I already feel part of this fantastic community and I cannot wait to work here for years to come. I would like to thank all the school’s staff, students, parents and members of the community for their warm, Cornish welcome.

It sounds like there’s a positive future ahead for Budehaven and its new headteacher.

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