The eerily strange Stratton house story

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From Jeanette:

This probably sounds a bit bizarre but when I was a little girl (I’m now nearly 40), I used to travel through Stratton most weekends with my parents. I saw something a bit odd.

There was an old house there. At the time, it looked abandoned but on two occasions I saw a young girl wearing Victorian style clothing standing by the upstairs window. On one occasion, she had a doll standing on the window sill which was the old china style also in Victorian clothing. It creeped me out so much that I never told anyone!

Since growing up, I have always wondered about her and the history of the building. Are there any historical groups who may have info? Here is a photo of the house I’m talking about. I now live in Australia.

Can anyone tell us any more?

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  • Phil Rendle says:

    Mr and Mrs Wood lived in this house and Mrs Wood had a collection of old dolls in the upstairs window. The little girl you saw could have been a large doll.

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