The eerily strange Stratton house story

From Jeanette: This probably sounds a bit bizarre but when I was a little girl (I’m now nearly 40), I used to travel through Stratton most weekends with my parents. […]

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The strange tale of the Iron Pineapple – part 1

Taken from Dawn’s book, Secret Bude: We all love a mystery, so here’s a wondrous tale of fiction set in Bude by the ‘Dartmoor Scribe’ Eden Philpotts (1862-1960) first published […]

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Stratton’s Roots

Info here adapted from the book by the late Rennie Bere and Brian Dudley Stamp, written in 1980, The Book of Bude and Stratton. Images are from Ray Boyd. Hard […]

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Nanny Moore’s Bridge – history under your feet

Nanny Moore’s Bridge is a Grade II listed construction in Bude, originally with a cantilevered, liftable section for boats to pass underneath. It was listed in 1985. Originally named Bude […]

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Bude’s Titanic Archie Jewell

It is hard to imagine Bude having much to do with the ill-fated Titanic. In the post of lookout in the ‘crow’s nest’ just before the ill-fated Titanic struck ice […]

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From builder to coffin maker. Interview with Bude’s Bryan Adams

As part of an  interview with  local resident , Bryan Adams,  I learned how  Bryan gained an apprenticeship at Pethicks the building company in Bude. They had an interesting arm […]

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