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It’s that time of year when sometimes you just want to curl up at home, or you want to be out but feel a need to learn something, DO something. That’s one reason I started my Bude writing group because so many people say they want to write but never do. If anyone is inspired to start their own blog or write their own short story or book, then it’s a job well done. Conversely, check out things like art classes, or activities and groups at places like the Gregson Centre. 

We do struggle with poor access to higher education in Bude, so if you want an online course you could do a lot worse than opt for Future Learn.  The courses are free unless you want a certificate or can’t finish in time (you get 3 weeks catch up space) and nearly 7 million people have engaged/enjoyed them. I’ve studied quite a few over time (and they can be challenging) but have recently struggled to find the time (or make time because we all have some).

Ones I really enjoyed were Literature and Mental Health about the impact of literature, especially poetry on our mental health, World War I trauma and memory where I learned all about shellshock, community journalism (for obvious reasons), Shakespeare and his World (absolutely mega fantastic – can’t recommend highly enough), Introduction to Forensic Science (that was different and I hadn’t a clue whodunnit) and The Mind is Flat (about the shocking shallowness of human psychology). Additionally, I’ve taken a couple of dementia courses to assist me with the condition my late mother had and my father still has. This Australian course was excellent on dementia (I learned an awful lot) for which you can register for 2018.

Take the plunge – what is there to lose?

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