I’m inspired by the England Football Team

By Helen Shingler:

I never thought I would be saying this but I am really inspired by the England Football team! I will be cheering them on tonight and hoping they win, though I am not a fan of football.  I prefer rugby but as a child, I often accompanied my father to watch QPR (Queen’s Park Rangers) our local London team.  Never missing an episode of Match of the Day, filling out the weekly pools and taking down the results dampened my enthusiasm!

I am inspired by the fact this is a young England team and they are really playing well as a ‘team’.  It’s so important as a team player to put aside your own ego (and there are some massive egos in football). You can feel this team’s passion for the game, they have great skills. Harry Kane is an amazing Captain and Gareth Southgate has done a stunning job (sales of waistcoats have apparently soared).  They make me proud to be English and I still can’t quite believe I am actually writing a post about Football! I’m very patriotic anyway but it’s so good that the success of our national team in the World Cup has ignited patriotism across the whole country and in all ages!

Tonight, whatever happens, it’s been an amazing World Cup and the feel-good factor will hopefully continue.  I’m not aware of any football hooliganism happening out in Russia so the fans are behaving too!  Good Luck for tonight lads, we are all behind you and bring it home!!


  • Thanks, Helen. Glad you are inspired. I’d also give a shout out to the two Jordans from the NE, Pickford and Henderson, who have both played extremely well, surpassing most people’s expectations, but the whole team is working well together. Whether it comes home or not, it’s great to get this far!

  • Helen Shingler says:

    I’m glad you mentioned those two, I had noticed the Goalkeeper was pretty good and Henderson too but I am not as familiar with the players which is not surprising!

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