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Be inspired to tackle your exercise excuses …

Got this PR info this morning and thought it might just help the slothful among us who prefer eating cake to exercise. We all know exercise is important in order […]

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I’m inspired by the England Football Team

By Helen Shingler: I never thought I would be saying this but I am really inspired by the England Football team! I will be cheering them on tonight and hoping […]

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Are you curious about what your DNA will tell you?

By Helen Shingler:   If you start to dig deep into your ancestry, it kind of follows that you will begin to wonder about your origins!  You may think you […]

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Insurance loyalty penalty changes

We’ve all felt pretty fed up when we see new customers getting deals, while loyal customers are invariably asked to pay more for a service like insurance. It then requires […]

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Be inspired to give up Facebook…for a few days

Read this great article which reckons that giving up Facebook for 5 days increases your physiological wellbeing.  In a nutshell, we are asked whether a Facebook break fills us with […]

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50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King

This section of our website is called Be Inspired. Today is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King, Black civil rights activist. If he doesn’t inspire, […]

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Be inspired to declutter…

Like many people, I live in a house full of cr*p. Clutter is everywhere. It needs to stop. To this end, rather than tidy up, I wasted some time doing […]

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Project 333

  Well, this seems a great idea if we are trying to reduce plastic use, recycle more, and generally be more frugal in our use of the planet’s resources. Project […]

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Why both teens and teachers could benefit from later school start times

Maybe a good idea, but the impact on kids like me (who liked to get up early) would be more negative.   Why both teens and teachers could benefit from […]

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Why parents should resist the temptation of term-time holidays

Esther Dermott, University of Bristol The Easter holidays are over – and the long wait for the more generous summer break begins. In just a couple of months, schools will […]

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