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Be Inspired to read a good book…

Article originally from Dawn’s blog. My middle daughter recommended this prize-winning debut novel, as did a member of my writing group. I managed to get through it within days (it […]

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Be inspired to take a course…

It’s that time of year when sometimes you just want to curl up at home, or you want to be out but feel a need to learn something, DO something. […]

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Be inspired…to write a letter…

I’m always thrilled when I receive a letter.  You know the kind of thing, a handwritten, thoughtful, chatty one from a friend, which gives you a real flavour of what […]

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Be inspired to…read!

I don’t read. How often have you heard people say that? Or even: I don’t have time to read? Bah! I strongly suspect that people who dislike reading largely struggle with it. […]

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Autumn by Bude U3A

This was written for the U3A cookbook. Thanks to Lucille Opie for sending it in to inspire and cheer others…

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Be inspired to start blogging…

By Rob Wilcox Everyone has a voice, and everyone wants to be heard. Years ago people wrote in little books, and diaries were created. Some even became famous, like that […]

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Writing a press release…

Lots of businesses and community groups have items/news they wish to get in the press, often at a local level.  As numbers of active local reporters have dropped, then a well-written press […]

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Do you have a novel in you?

Or a short story? Or a feature? Or an article? Or a blog? Given so many people want to write, but so few actually manage to do it, I’m  running some […]

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Creative talents falling by the wayside…

It seems people are letting their creativity die, with a staggering 63 percent saying they have let their talents fall by the wayside, according to a new study. Researchers took […]

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Setting ourselves a new challenge…

Different challenges work for different people. I’m always super-impressed by Jan Wells, for example, the local lady who does a 2 minute beach clean daily just because she does and […]

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