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Be inspired to tackle your exercise excuses …

Got this PR info this morning and thought it might just help the slothful among us who prefer eating cake to exercise. We all know exercise is important in order […]

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Be inspired… to bake a cake

According to this article by Rebecca Earle, Queen Victoria had a 50-inch waist.  This is nothing for anyone to aspire to, but in small doses, cake is good. The Queen […]

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I’m inspired by the England Football Team

By Helen Shingler: I never thought I would be saying this but I am really inspired by the England Football team! I will be cheering them on tonight and hoping […]

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Be inspired to punctuate properly

There have been quite a few posts on Facebook today about apostrophes, the shortage of them or the incorrect addition of them. It seems people really struggle with this humble […]

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Be inspired…to read

It’s summer. I’ve just finished writing and my book is with the publisher. Phew. So now, I can read. Reading is an absolute joy. Here are a few books I’ve […]

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Are you curious about what your DNA will tell you?

By Helen Shingler:   If you start to dig deep into your ancestry, it kind of follows that you will begin to wonder about your origins!  You may think you […]

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Who do you think you are? Try genealogy…

By Helen Shingler: Last week saw the return of the very popular BBC television series ‘Who do you think you are’ (Weds, 9pm).  It kicked off with Michelle Keegan (no pun […]

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Can you inspire others? Volunteer writers/reporters wanted.

I’d love to get a team of people together to write for Bude & Beyond. To that end, I’d like to organise some free training if anyone is interested. Please […]

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Insurance loyalty penalty changes

We’ve all felt pretty fed up when we see new customers getting deals, while loyal customers are invariably asked to pay more for a service like insurance. It then requires […]

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Be inspired to give up Facebook…for a few days

Read this great article which reckons that giving up Facebook for 5 days increases your physiological wellbeing.  In a nutshell, we are asked whether a Facebook break fills us with […]

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