Can you inspire others? Volunteer writers/reporters wanted.

I’d love to get a team of people together to write for Bude & Beyond. To that end, I’d like to organise some free training if anyone is interested. Please email if so, and it can be arranged.

Bude and Beyond has four strands to it:

Be Local (obviously focusing on local news/events/ideas). If you have a passion for something happening locally (or not happening but which you think should be) then this is your section. Got something to say about petrol prices, roundabouts, plastic pollution, green initiatives, social isolation, indeed anything, you can use our submit button or train up to be a volunteer with the team.

Be Nostalgic: we have loads of old photos of Bude and beyond, with more arriving. What we really now need is people interested in the history of the town and the surrounding areas. Can you write about the past? Do you have family connections or know people you could interview to share their knowledge with the rest of us? Do you remember the railway or are you enthusiastic about it? Memoirs welcome!

Be Informed: this is a great angle for people who are socially/politically aware and want to discuss ideas. Although we live in the SW, we are interested in other issues, too. Health, ageing, parenting, volunteering, Korea, Trump, Brexit, abortion in Ireland, feminism, saving the planet, politics, economics, social issues, diets, bees. Yes, you can even be controversial. We need some people keen on expressing their opinions but ideally backed by a little research.

Be Inspired: we’ve really struggled so far on this, but there are so many people out there doing inspiring things, so why not share your thoughts/photos/ideas with others to make all our lives better? Are you a good cook, artist, runner, genealogist, calligraphist, Egyptologist, photographer, IT specialist, writer, surfer? Do you have any skills you can share with others, perhaps give out a few tips to inspire people? We are happy for you to advertise your own classes/business as part of this but the idea is to inspire!

So, anything you’d like to write? Would you like to be part of Bude & Beyond? You can write anonymously if you prefer or proudly with your name in lights.

Get in touch! Let’s get the party started.


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