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It’s summer. I’ve just finished writing and my book is with the publisher. Phew.

So now, I can read. Reading is an absolute joy. Here are a few books I’ve enjoyed so far this year which you may fancy trying. As you can see I have slightly eclectic tastes!

A thriller set on Exmoor, part of a trilogy but works as a stand-alone.


The Stars are Fire – the last novel of the late Anita Shreve – a domestic narrative.


A memoir from a humourous brain surgeon.


If you like biography, try this. It was for research purposes for me, but Holroyd is a wonderful writer, bringing lives to life.


If you’ve ever flirted with Buddhism and meditation, check this out bu vegetarian cookery writer Rose Elliot.


I also read this for research purposes but it is also an amazing story which was banned in 1928!


Read because I know the writer and it is a fantasy fiction novel about Pamela Colman Smith (with whom I am obsessed as many people know!)


This is one of those laugh a minute books about parenthood – honest, funny…


I didn’t enjoy this as much as his Rosie Project books but still a decent read.


A fabulous book about those wonderful folk, bohemians, who failed to wash and ate garlic!


This is coming soon – cannot wait. Anne Tyler is one of my very favourite writers.

A fabulous book about Jung’s wife, Emma. Well worth a read.


Anything you’d recommend?

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  • Helen Shingler says:

    I’ve just bought Among the Bohemians as I am into everything to do with The Bloomsbury Set, people, places, lifestyle, writings, art etc. I loved The Rosie Project books so much I feel I might be disappoint with the Adam Sharp one from your comment! Interested in the I met a Monk one too and looking forward to reading your book when it comes out 🙂

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