Be inspired to give up Facebook…for a few days

Read this great article which reckons that giving up Facebook for 5 days increases your physiological wellbeing.  In a nutshell, we are asked whether a Facebook break fills us with dread or strikes us as liberation. I must say it currently feels to me like the latter. Only this morning, I’ve again had this conversation about social media and why we feel a need for the approbation of strangers. Yet somehow, we do.

The bad news about Facebook is that it makes us envious and possibly a bit lonely when we see what an amazing time everyone else seems to be having. Must admit that I don’t do lonely because I read. However, I do sometimes find myself envying the exotic locations and joyful holidays of others. The study has accepted that there is a big difference between taking a voluntary break from Facebook and other social media and being forced to do so, but the results are ambivalent. Did people not using Facebook do other meaningful things, like go for a walk, or simply go elsewhere on the internet and hit Twitter or Instagram instead?

Your thoughts are welcome but I find myself increasingly cynical about the social media I am obliged to use for things like Bude & Beyond but also because I don’t like to feel out of the technological loop. However, tomorrow I’m off to Llandudno and Birmingham, so I shall give Facebook a miss if I can, see friends and focus on reading and writing a book.

Let’s see how it goes…but don’t assume that just because you’ve put it on Facebook that I’ve read it or even seen it!

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