Be inspired to declutter…

When you run out of hangers and just shove it all in…

Paperwork – boxes of it.

Too many books, so little time…

Like many people, I live in a house full of cr*p. Clutter is everywhere. It needs to stop. To this end, rather than tidy up, I wasted some time doing a quiz. Oh dear, bad move. Here was the result:

THE VERDICT: You are drowning in stuff! Clothes, knick-knacks, the latest gadgets… you hoard it all. It may be news to you that it is possible to live with much less, and still be happy. Affluenza is a modern condition. Shops and glossy advertising campaigns are not there to answer our true desires, but to create new ones so we will buy more. The result? We surround ourselves with material possessions. There’s nothing wrong with owning all this stuff, but the constant quest to buy and upgrade products isn’t serving any meaningful purpose.

I studied sociology with Professor Zygmunt Bauman, an expert of consumer society. I know all this stuff. Really. Yet, despite my not even liking shopping, my cupboards are full of food and clothes. I store food as if war is about to break out, and I impulse buy clothes and shoes. Despite me not wanting stuff, I manage to accumulate it (all are bargains, obviously) except for books which I generally buy mindfully.

Anyway, the upshot is that like millions of other people, I have too much of this stuff, and not just me, but other people in my family. It gets in the way of productivity and makes cleaning a nightmare which rather puts me off doing much of it.

So, I’ve been looking at decluttering tips and these are the ones I like and will try!

  1. Give away one item a day. Over a year that will be 365 items.
  2. Fill one trash bag of stuff – I have some clothes for the charity shop in my car.
  3. If you haven’t worn it for a year, you won’t. Chances are life has changed, you are now too fat or you just don’t like it anyway. Must get on that one…
  4. Don’t hide stuff inside other stuff assuming it is hidden. Oops.
  5. Check how many toiletries you actually need! Ah!
  6. Get rid of your ‘just in case’ items.  Old mobile phones, just in case your new one breaks, is a good example. Yes, there’s three knocking around in the kitchen.
  7. Then there is a digital declutter, but one step at a time…let’s not be hasty…

Anyway, I’m off to give away a magazine…well, it’s a start!


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