Are you curious about what your DNA will tell you?

By Helen Shingler:


If you start to dig deep into your ancestry, it kind of follows that you will begin to wonder about your origins!  You may think you are just ‘British’ but are you?  I’ve never felt completely ‘English’ and have always been drawn towards France and Italy, liking the culture, the food, the lifestyle, the languages.  I know where most of my recent ancestry lies but what about my origins?  I’ve done my family tree research on and they also offer a DNA testing service. So when a special discount offer came up close to my birthday, I decided to take the test!


When the test results came through my Ethnicity Estimate was 32% Great Britain (split between North and South – no surprise as my father is from Stoke-on-Trent and my mother was a from London) 31% Europe West – this is complex as according to it covers a broad expanse stretching from Amsterdam to the peaks of the Alps. Geographically dominated by France in the west and Germany to the east, it includes several nations with distinct cultural identities. Next up my DNA showed 22% Scandinavian and instantly the thought came into my head ‘Vikings’! Quite logical in fact, as they did invade us!

How exciting, I thought! I’ve been to Norway and to the Viking Museum! I find them very intriguing although the TV Series is a little too gory for me!  Finally, there was 10% Iberian Peninsula, which covers Spain and Portugal!  I went to Portugal last October for the first time and loved it!  So maybe our DNA influences our tastes or draws us to certain nationalities (I have friends who are Norwegian and Icelandic and from the Netherlands) and countries we wish to visit?.  Maybe my DNA is the reason I love to travel across the water and explore those lands?

Some of you may think ‘what’s the point’ but some may think ‘I want to know!’ have another discount offer on at the moment, up until 24th June, so if you’re curious, go for it and let me know!


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