Well, Kirsty, mine is in the shed!

washing machine, painting, illustration Domestic appliance repair company Go-Assist.co.uk has asked 2,000 British men and women where their washing machine is kept.  The question comes just days after property presenter Kirstie Allsopp caused a heated debate on Twitter when responding to a post from an American journalist confused with the location of this appliance in some British homes.

Allsopp’s tweet stated: “It is disgusting, my life’s work is in part dedicated to getting washing machines out of the kitchen.”  Well, mine is in the shed, Kirstie, and when it is windy and raining and I need to get washing done, I curse that fact very loudly! 

Go Assist’s research found that 46% of British people disagree with the TV personality, admitting they keep their washing machine in the kitchen and are absolutely fine with it being there.

A retweet by the presenter explained that it was mainly due to hygiene reasons that she holds this strong belief. “Never understood how food prep area = dirty socks. Never kitchen. Never.” I’m firmly of the belief that a bit of grime is good for us, and how dirty do one’s socks actually get?

In contrast, only 12% of respondents stated their washing machine was in their kitchen but they were unhappy about this and wish it could be somewhere else if space was permitting.

When asked where washing machines should be kept if a homeowner has no utility room, Allsopp replied:  “Bathroom, hall cupboard, airing cupboard”. No, no, no, no, no! My bathroom is my sanctuary not some holding space for a washing machine. Get a grip! 

A fifth of survey respondents said this is where their appliance is kept.

3% of respondents said they keep their washing machine in their bedroom. Eeek! 

Kirsty later joked: “Can I safely move away from Twitter for the evening without everyone having a white goods wig out?”  I’m not even sure what that means, but whatever…

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