Join the consultation to crack down on puppy farming

A ban on third party puppy and kitten sales in England will be introduced to help drive up animal welfare standards, the Environment Secretary Michael Gove announced today. It’s good […]

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National Pet Month – animals make us happy

Nearly half of us believe that our four-legged friends make us feel ‘pawsitively’ happy and have serious mood-lifting powers according to research released today to mark National Pet Month (April). […]

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Explaining coprophagy – why do dogs eat their own poo?

Shutterstock Jacqueline Boyd, Nottingham Trent University Dogs are scavengers. As many dog owners know to their cost, dogs often have a penchant for things that we find less than palatable. […]

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The science behind why some people love animals and others couldn’t care less

xkunclova/ John Bradshaw, University of Bristol The recent popularity of “designer” dogs, cats, micro-pigs and other pets may seem to suggest that pet keeping is no more than a fad. […]

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Puppy-farmed dogs show worse behaviour, suffer ill health and die young – so adopt, don’t shop

This is something I feel really, really strongly about so am sharing the article with you. Please don’t buy puppy farmed dogs – better still, adopt. Adopt a dog – […]

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Buying animals online – don’t, at every level!

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) and Action Fraud have recently noticed a rise in the reporting of pets, and in particular puppies and kittens, being advertised for sale via […]

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How to stop your dog getting heatstroke – according to science

Better late than never but there will be more hot days! Hot dog. Shutterstock Anne Carter, Nottingham Trent University and Emily Hall, Nottingham Trent University Summer is a great time […]

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