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Just waiting around …better to just do…

The average Briton will spend the equivalent of nearly two YEARS of their life…just waiting, according to new research. Researchers took an in-depth look into how long the British spend […]

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Is the public ready for electric cars?

From the Office for National Statistics: The government recently announced plans to end the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040, which is part of a long-term plan to tackle […]

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How Elvis permanently changed American pop culture

David Anderson, Swansea University It’s been 40 years since Elvis Presley last swivelled his hips, before his untimely death in 1977 at the age of 42. To date, Elvis’s singles […]

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More caravans and motor homes as staycations on the rise

It’s great that more people are planning staycations, but what that also seems to mean is more caravans and (sometimes massive) camper vans on the roads. I guess we just […]

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Are you good or bad?

Well, how black and white is that? I love these little snippets, and would largely consider myself good, but I suspect not everyone would! It seems the average Brit considers […]

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What a shallow bunch we are…

This just made me feel incredibly sad at how shallow people seem to be, and how they really cannot have anything more important to worry about. Lucky them! Anyway, a […]

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British broadband lags behind…

Compiled by, information is now available about how British broadband compares to other countries. The UK manages to trump 158 other countries, yet falls behind 30 others, coming in behind […]

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What happened when we introduced four-year-olds to an old people’s home

Get up and go. Channel 4 Melrose Stewart, University of Birmingham and Malcolm Johnson, University of Bath Lying on the floor pretending to roar like a lion can do wonders […]

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Being a working mother is not bad for your children

Albina Glisic via Shutterstock Markus Klein, Strathclyde University and Michael Kühhirt The question of whether mothers should work or stay at home in their children’s early years has always been […]

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How the search for mythical monsters can help conservation in the real world

aleks1949 / shutterstock Bill Adams, University of Cambridge and Shane McCorristine, University of Cambridge After fears the Loch Ness Monster had “disappeared” last winter, a new sighting in May 2017 […]

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