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New advice on eating runny eggs

The Food Standards Agency has today announced a change to its advice about eating eggs – infants, children, pregnant women and elderly people can now safely eat raw or lightly […]

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Most milk substitutes are low in iodine – here’s why it matters

shutterstock. Alexander Prokopenko/Shutterstock Sarah Bath, University of Surrey and Margaret Rayman, University of Surrey Milk and dairy products are the main source of iodine in many diets, and an important […]

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Margarine vs butter: how what we spread on our toast became a weapon of class war

Which are you? Shutterstock Ellen Turner, Lund University Margarine has seen its fortunes ebb and flow with the tide of popular opinion. But Unilever’s recent announcement that it’s dropping the […]

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For better gut bacteria, eat more oily fish

IKasparus/Shutterstock Ana Valdes, University of Nottingham Having lots of different types of bacteria in your gut has many health benefits, including a lower risk of diabetes, obesity and inflammatory bowel […]

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Half of UK fridges would fail on food hygiene

Appliance repair company recently conducted a national fridge cleanliness study, involving 2,000 UK adults, and the findings were pretty grim. Here’s what they say: According to the research, the average British […]

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Don’t eat raw chicken

Following an article in The Mirror (9 September) which suggests that some people believe that raw chicken dishes are safe to eat, the Food Standards Agency is reiterating its advice […]

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It’s National Burger Day!

Thursday 24 August marks National Burger Day in the UK, and with households across the UK planning to get grilling over the bank holiday weekend, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) […]

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Eight foods that (nearly) last forever

Century-old fruit cake, anyone? Antarctic Heritage Trust Duane Mellor, Coventry University; Daniel Amund, Coventry University, and Isabella Nyambayo, Coventry University The news that, after 106 years, Captain Scott’s fruitcake was […]

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Women are confused by health messages

It’s hardly surprising that British women are in a constant state of confusion when it comes to their health and well-being, according to a new study. Researchers took an in […]

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Egg update – buy local and free range, I reckon…

This comes from the Food Standards Agency. My feeling is try to buy eggs for which you know the provenance. Following concerns raised in the Netherlands about a substance called […]

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