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How much do children participate in sport?

From the Office of National Statistics: Children aged 8 to 15 in the UK spent just over an hour (68 minutes) of their leisure time on average per day taking […]

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Will the weather get worse in 2018? What the experts say

EPA, CC BY-SA Lindsay Beevers, Heriot-Watt University Last year unleashed some catastrophic weather across the world. At the beginning of 2017, Australia experienced one of the hottest summers on record […]

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Five things to think about when choosing a school for your child

Ceri Brown, University of Bath In today’s educational climate of league tables, exam results and Ofsted reports, many parents may believe this is all the information needed to decide which […]

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David Attenborough’s Sea Dragon – and the science behind a tantalising prehistoric ‘murder mystery’

How the fossilised creature may have looked in its heyday. BBC Pictures Dean Lomax, University of Manchester Sea Dragon, you ask? It sounds as if David Attenborough has decided to […]

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Record numbers of children are now homeschooled, but who’s keeping an eye on the parents?

shutterstock Martin Myers, University of Portsmouth Nearly 30,000 children in the UK were educated at home in the 2016 to 2017 academic year. This is an almost 100% increase from […]

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Brain scans reveal why rewards and punishments don’t seem to work on teenagers

paffy/Shutterstock Gina Rippon, Aston University Parents and teachers are painfully aware that it’s nearly impossible to get a teenager to focus on what you think is important. Even offering them […]

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As BBC drama The A word shows, mainstream schools can make special needs pupils feel isolated

Brahm Norwich, University of Exeter As many parents who have children with autism will know, school can be a tough place. Maybe it’s not surprising then that 34% of children […]

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Regular bedtimes stop children getting ‘jet lag’

Shutterstock Yvonne Kelly, UCL What happens in the early years of a person’s life has a profound effect on how they fare later on. Thousands of research papers – many […]

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The forgotten scientist who paved the way for the discovery of DNA’s structure

J. Michael Creeth. University of Nottingham. Stephen Harding, University of Nottingham When James Michael Creeth finished adding acid to the sample of DNA taken from a calf’s thymus gland, he […]

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The student finance system needs shaking up – for the sake of poorer students

shutterstock. Rita Hordósy, University of Sheffield and Greg Brown, University of Sheffield Students from the poorest households in England now graduate with the highest levels of debt. On average the […]

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