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2 year degrees approved by MPs

Students starting university from September 2019 are set to have more choice than ever before about how they study after MPs approved legislation to support the expansion of two-year and […]

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Seven charts that show the world is actually becoming a better place

Shutterstock Julius Probst, Lund University Swedish academic Hans Rosling has identified a worrying trend: not only do many people across advanced economies have no idea that the world is becoming […]

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Our obsession with taking photos is changing how we remember the past

Shutterstock Giuliana Mazzoni, University of Hull Last year I visited the Hermitage in St Petersburg, Russia – one of the best art museums in the world. I was expecting to […]

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We asked five experts: should I lie to my children about Santa?

If they ask, tell them the truth. Sophie Heizer, The Conversation Ah yes, December. Christmas trees and decorations are popping up in shop windows, the weather is warming up, […]

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Climate change played a part in UK summer heatwave

News from The Met Office: Human-induced climate change has made the 2018 record-breaking UK summer temperatures about 30 times more likely than it would be naturally, the Met Office will […]

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Girls are being denied access to certain sports in PE simply because of their gender

On the sidelines. aceshot1/Shutterstock Hannah L Spacey, Swansea University Girls in the UK are often told that they can do whatever they want. That nothing can stop them. If they […]

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Mary Anning: how a poor, Victorian woman became one of the world’s greatest palaeontologists

Mary Anning painting. Adrian Currie, University of Exeter Lyme Regis is an almost obnoxiously gorgeous town in Dorset in the west of England, perched atop the cliffs of the world-heritage […]

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Wilfred Owen 100 years on: poet gave voice to a generation of doomed youth

Wilfred Owen was killed in action on November 4, 1918. Frontispiece from Poems of Wilfred Owen (1920) Wim Van Mierlo, Loughborough University For many people, most of what they know […]

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Samhain and the origins of Halloween

By Helen Shingler: Scary costumes, trick-or-treat or does Halloween mean something different to you? Trick-or-treating started in North America in the 1920s and I thought it was fairly recent in […]

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International students on British drinking habits – ‘people don’t know when to stop’

shutterstock Thomas Thurnell-Read, Loughborough University; Lorraine Brown, Bournemouth University, and Philip Long, Bournemouth University Of the 2.3m students starting courses at UK universities each autumn, well over 400,000 are international […]

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